Spomb™ Innovative Bait Dispenser

No Spod Spill

Instant Bait Delivery

Superb Accuracy

Extreme Distance

Easy Aquaplane Retrieve

Spomb™ bait dispensers are available in four sizes

Mini – Midi – Midi X - Large

Two colours, black and white are available

Spombs can be found in all good tackle shops, see our stockists

Designed, manufactured and made in England


The Spomb Range

Spomb TV

Spomb From The Start

Spomb TV


Spomb has various intellectual property rights granted and pending - worldwide European Patent: 2244564 Trademark Registration Number: 009405747 (class 28), 01559136 (classes 16, 25 and 31) Community Design Registration Number: 001574898-0001 Chinese Patent: ZL2009801091895

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